What Differentiates SCOUT TALENT?

Scout Talent is a boutique executive search firm with extensive industry expertise and global reach. Constance and her team of independent partners have personally held senior level positions in many areas of the business including Design, Retail, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources.

We are a tenacious, team of hands on collaborators. We are reliable, accessible and we love to deliver game changing talent on time and on budget. We deliver friendly, customized service. You will always be able to reach us... and we answer our phones and make our own calls.

What Types of Positions Do You Fill ... and at What Levels?

We lead searches at all levels ranging from C-Suite to Middle Management, across all functional areas of the fashion and retail business. We work internationally and are particularly strong in Europe.  

Like the brands we serve, we value client relationships and results above all.  We are resourceful, collaborative and transparent. We operate with integrity and we stand behind our work. 


A placement is the introduction of a talented candidate resulting in a successful hire. The fee is due if and only if the candidate introduced is hired. Scout Talent introduces executive level professionals for placement on a very select basis.

These select introductions are generally motivated by one of four factors:  

  • Stand Out Talent: Identification of a candidate whom we deem to be unique talent based on an exceptional skill set, experience or outstanding leadership; 
  • Bench Strength/Succession Planning: Relationships with brands we know to place high priority on talent acquisition, the ones which are creative and resourceful in finding a place for exceptional candidates;
  • Trade Up: Knowledge of a company’s organizational challenges/needs which present an opportunity for a stronger candidate in a given role.
  • Cultural Fit: Identification of a candidate who we believe is a particularly strong ‘cultural fit’ for a brand or company.


How does the search process work?

No two searches are the same, just as no two clients are exactly alike. Each project begins with a discovery meeting. In this important first step, we meet with key members of your team; it is essential for us to learn about your company culture, its vision and goals, current performance, and, of course, the position you are looking to fill. We'll also want to know the unique opportunities or challenges associated with that role.

Once we are armed with the relevant information for the search, the SCOUT TALENT team convenes to develop a customized strategy based on your company's needs. One of the benefits of SCOUT TALENT is that we approach each project as a team, pooling our ideas and experience to devise the best line of attack.

The next step is to mine our state-of-the-art data systems and tap our extensive professional network which spans all levels and functions, in the US and Internationally. In this manner, we identify key industry sources and potential target candidates.  

This is where the search begins to develop and expand. Scouting talent is a process; identifying, vetting, meeting, and referencing potential candidates is ongoing throughout the project.

Suitable candidates are contacted and screened. Based on the established timeline, a selection of top candidates is presented to you.

How long will it take before we can reasonably expect to see candidates?

In most cases, candidates are presented within the first few weeks after a contract is signed with SCOUT TALENT. Collaboratively, we develop a customized plan of project deliverables including a targeting timeline for interviews, a method of communication and the frequency of search updates.

What does 'off limits' mean?

Simply stated, we don’t recruit from our clients for one year.  In some cases, ‘off limits’ also includes our client vendors i.e. retailers or licensing partners doing business with the client company from which we cannot actively recruit.  The off limits list is established on the basis of each individual search.

Why is transparency important?

Scout Talent believes transparency supports successful partnerships. For search projects, we ask clients to be very candid with us about the role they seek to fill, as well as cultural and other important internal dynamics. This information is invaluable as we determine candidate ‘fit’. 

For Scout Talent, transparency means making sure you understand our process and that we provide timely feedback. Open and honest communication on both sides allows us to do the best possible job while managing the expectations of clients and candidates alike.